Terms & Conditions

  1. All bidders must register before the auction.
  2. By participating in any sale, you acknowledge that you are bound by these terms and conditions.
  3. Method and order of sale shall be at the sole discretion of the auctioneer.
  4. A purchaser shall be deemed to have inspected a lot before a bid is placed on any item.
  5. Registration for a bidder card requires a valid drivers license. Please have this available upon registration.
  6. Payment Terms are CASH, VISA, MASTERCARD, & INTERAC. A buyer’s premium will be added to the bid price, plus applicable taxes. You may pay for your items at any time during the sale. Sales are processed instantly. All items must be paid IN FULL same day of auction, following
    the conclusion of sale.
  7. All items must be removed from the premises same day. The purchaser agrees to pay, in addition to the purchase price of the item(s), 15% Buyers Premium, H.S.T. and all government applicable taxes on the aggregate total of the final bid price and buyers premium.
  8. All sales are final, no refunds, no exchanges, no retraction of bids, and no returns accepted.
  9. A minimum deposit of 50% of any successful bid may be requested at any time during the auction. It is your responsibility to check with the clerk
    and comply with any deposit requests made at the time of purchase. In the event you do not provide the requested deposit, full payment will become due and payable immediately.
  10. All items are subject to withdrawal from preview, from advertising and from the auction sale at the sole discretion of the auctioneer without notice at any time.
  11. The auctioneer reserves the right to reject any bid at any time without reason or explanation.
  12. The auctioneer reserves the right to bid on behalf of the sellers at any time during the auction sale and without notice to the registered bidders and to further protect any items that may carry a moderate reserve or opening bid by, bidding on the item or withdrawing the item from the sale at any time during the bidding process.
  13. Upon registration and based upon previous conduct, credit, and bidding history at auction sales you may be asked to post a deposit or provide a credit card as a security deposit against you purchases.
  14. The Terms and Conditions of Sale are subject to amendment by posting of notices or by oral announcements made during the sale.
  15. Auction Company shall not be responsible for any accidents occurring on the premises. Every person at the auction site, before, during and after the auction sale shall be deemed to be there at their own risk with notice of the condition of the premises, the activities on the premises, and the conduct
    of third parties. No person shall have any claim against the Auctioneer, their agents, employees or principals for any injury sustained or for damages to or loss of property, which may occur from any cause whatsoever. The buyer also agrees to save harmless the Auctioneer/Auction Company for any
    loss, damage or injury suffered while on the auction site.
  16. Prospective bidders should inspect the property before bidding to determine
    its condition, size and whether or not it has been repaired or restored.
  17. We reserve the right to reject any bid. The highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer will be the purchaser. In the event of any dispute between bidders, or in the event of doubt on our part as to the validity of any bid, the auctioneer will have the final discretion to determine the successful bidder, cancel the sale, or to reoffer and resell the article in dispute. If any dispute arises after the sale, our sales record is conclusive.
  18. If the auctioneer decides that any opening bid is too low or unreasonable, he may reject the same and withdraw the article from the sale, and if, having acknowledged an opening bid, he decides that any advance thereafter is insufficient, he may reject the advance.
  19. Subject to fulfillment of all of the conditions set forth herein, on the fall of the auctioneers hammer, title to the offered lot will pass to the highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer, and such bidder thereupon (a) assumes full risk and responsibility therefore (including, without limitation, liability for or damage to frames or glass covering prints, paintings or other works), and (b) will immediately pay the full purchase price as required.
  20. All property is sold “AS IS” WHERE IS? without any representations or warranties by the Auctioneer/Auction Company or the consignor as to merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, the correctness of any catalogue or other description or the physical condition, size, quality, rarity, importance, medium, provenance, exhibitions, literature or historical relevance of any property and no statement anywhere, whether oral or
    written, whether made in the catalogue, an advertisement, a bill of sale, a salesroom posting or announcement, or elsewhere, shall be deemed such a warranty, representation or assumption or liability. Auctioneer/Auction Company and the consignor make no representation and warranties, express or implied, as to whether the purchaser acquires any copyrights, including but not limited to any reproduction rights in any property. Auctioneer/Auction Company and the consignor are not responsible for errors and omissions in any catalogue, or any supplemental material.
  21. Auctioneer/Auction Company do not guarantee, any written or oral appraisals, certificates of authenticity, values, or retail replacement prices, that may accompany any item or may be orally stated by any auctioneer or employee, before, after, and during any auction sale.
  22. All items that are offered by the auction may be subject to a reserve or opening bid, which is the confidential minimum price acceptable to the sellers.
  23. The auctioneer reserves the right to refuse any applicant a bidding card for the privilege of bidding by number at the auction sale and or revoke such privileges at any time. In addition the auctioneer and or its staff may remove any bidder from the premises at any time.
  24. All costs and the responsibility of removal will be borne by the Purchaser. The Purchaser, if asking the Auctioneer/Auction Company to assist in the removal of any item(s) will indemnify and hold the Auctioneer/Auction Company and or their staff harmless from any resulting of loss or damage to the items(s) being removed
  25. No sale shall be invalidated by reason of any defect or inaccuracy in any of the lot(s) by reason of their being incorrectly described and no liability shall be borne by the Auctioneer/Auction Company in respect of any such faults or errors.
  26. The purchaser will not be entitled to possession of any of the said lot(s) purchased until the total purchase price of all the lot(s) have been fully paid. In the event that the purchaser fails to pay the full purchased price for any lot(s) within the prescribed time, or fails to comply with any of the “Terms of Sale�?, the purchaser will be sent to collections,
    Small Claims Court, and Superior Court without notice.
  27. All items purchased by back bidders or on a second chance offering will be
    available for pick up through you own delivery arrangements for the
    designated distribution center if not already on the premises.
  28. No cameras, video, and or recording devices of any kind whatsoever are
    permitted in the auction sale without the advance consent of the
    Auctioneer/Auction Company.
  29. The Auctioneer/Auction Company reserves the right to supplement all
    terms and conditions with verbal announcements at any time during the auction. All verbal announcements and terms form part of the terms and conditions between the seller and the bidders.
  30. If any applicable conditions herein are not complied with by the purchaser, the purchaser will be in default, and in addition to any and all other remedies available to the auction company and its agents and consignor by law, including, without limitation, the right to hold the purchaser liable for the total purchase price, including all fees, charges, and the expenses set forth herein, the auction company, at its sole option, may (I) cancel the sale of that, or any other lot or lots sold to the defaulting purchaser, or (ii) resell the purchased property, whether at auction or by private sale, or (iii) effect any combination there of. The purchaser will be liable for any deficiency, any and all costs, handling charges, late charges, expenses, and commissions of both sales, legal fees, and expenses, collection fees, and incidental damages. In addition, all defaulting purchasers will be deemed to have granted and assigned the deposit money to the auctioneer/auction company or its agents and consignors or any of their affiliated companies, and the auction company may retain and apply such money as collateral security for the obligations due. In addition to other remedies available to us by law, all unpaid items will be subject to a non-refundable service charge of 35% of the bid price plus
    buyers premium payable by the registered bidder.
  31. Interest at the rate of 24% per annum will be charged on overdue accounts
    owing to the auctioneer/auction company.
  32. I the undersigned hereby authorize the Auctioneers, sellers, or any other
    affiliated companies to charge my credit card the full amount of any purchases made and or assigned to my registered bid card in the event I do not pay the full purchased price within the time specified. I understand and agree that my deposit will forfeit and be applied to the account for the obligations due.
  33. I the undersigned hereby agree to all the terms and conditions herein and acknowledge that I have read, received a copy of, and understand all the terms of sale. I further agree to be responsible for and pay for all purchases made against my bid number today and will provide a deposit of no less than 50% on request by way of credit card, cash or debit.