Marshal Gummer Estate Auctions


Marshall Gummer Estate Auctions and his dedicated Staff of Presenters is Eastern Ontario’s Newest Auction House Specializing in Estate Jewelry, Sterling Silver, Art, Antiques, Glass,China and Quality Collectibles.

Auctioneer Marshall Gummer is one of Canada’s most travelled appraisers. Having travelled for 3 years with a roadshow style appraisal clinic travelling across Canada from St. Andrews in the East to Prince Rupert in the West covering in excess of over 35,000 miles. Marshall is one of Canada’s original Treasure Hunters!

During that time he gained a reputation as a fair and honest appraiser willing to go the extra yard to ensure accurate values. Sometimes referred to as “Brutal” in his assessments but always leaving the clients with a smile.

As he says lets face it, some things just aren’t worth a thing.

The eminent Canadian Consultant, Expert & Appraiser of Antiquities and Collectibles. Marshall  has been delivering his expertise and advice to the Canadian public throughout an expansive career with regular appearances at antique appraisal clinics throughout Ontario. Marshall also lectures on his specialisms. He has attained a fine reputation over the years as an expert in British – European and North American Porcelain, China and Ceramics and is an authority on the subject of historical and modern Collectibles & the Decorative Arts. A Queens University honours graduate with a distinguished career spanning over 3 decades, he has been an avid collector throughout his life. Marshall is an Estate Appraiser with a retail background, earning a well respected reputation of honesty and integrity in his earlier career as an International Antiques dealer. Marshall who hails from Kingston, Ontario and now lives in The Northumberlqnd Hills, lived in France and traveled extensively throughout Europe, building en route, an extensive and broad based knowledge of the world of Antiquities. His personal expertise extends well beyond a passion for early 20 th century design and costume jewelry to include: Virtue, Silver and Glassware and Fine Porcelain from all eras. With appearances and an expert adjudicator for Canadian Television and many other regular TV Showcases behind him, [CBC, Global, New VR, New RO, CFTO, CHEX, Rogers, Cogeco] Marshall is a formidable addition to the team as our Antiques and Collectibles Consultant. Advising over 13,000 Canadians and valuing in excess of five million dollars worth of family heirlooms. Marshall who is a private consultant working in the field of antiques authentication recently returned from the UK following serious investigations and academic research commitments.  He continues to work energetically for charity organisations, which included raising funds for student scholarships at Peterborough’s Trent University.

(Excerpt Compliments of The British Artiques Roadshow)

Professional Profile

Over 3 decades experience as an Antiques and Collectibles Expert.

Graduate of Canadian College of Auctioneering

Member of Auctioneers Association of Ontario

Over 50 Television appearances including CTV,GLOBAL,CBC,CTS,CHEX,THE BIOGRAPHY CHANNEL, Most recently on “Real Life with Sharon Caddy March/2011”

Guest Lecturer Trent University Lady Eaton College-“The Art of Appraising Antiques”

Featured in Feb 2006 issue of Moneysense Magazine “Trash or Treasure” Now available online. March/April 2009 issue of Wayback Times. Now available online.

Creative Consultant to and starred as an Antiques Expert in a TV pilot for “The Discovery” Channel.

Co-Developer,Creative Consultant and Star of a Proposed new Canadian Television Series Titled “Treasures That Talk

Hons B. Comm in Marketing Queens University.