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About Jeffrey Hoare Auctions Inc.

Jeffrey Hoare Auctions Inc. started their auction business in 1986. Since that time Jeffrey Hoare Auctions Inc. has grown to become Canada’s largest Numismatic and Military auction house. We have done this by constantly striving to offer the best possible service to both consigners and bidders. You can be assured that whether your are selling or buying, Jeffrey Hoare Auctions Inc. will provide you with courteous, competant and professional service. We endeavor to provide a high level of personal service designed for each clients needs.

Jeffrey Hoare Auctions Inc. employs the services of some of the finest consultants around the world. People with many years experience, from many different countries, including Canada, Great Britian and the United States. These consultants provide us with the research that allows us to obtain the best possible prices for your auction items.

Buying art and antiques at auction has become trendy in the last decade. The good news for coin and militaria sellers is that the most knowledgeable collectors and dealers have always bought their coins, tokens, medals and collectibles at auction. With the continuing increase of expenses to maintain retail stores, auction buying is becoming even more popular. The advantage of selling by auction is that the middleman in the transaction works for you. By using Jeffrey Hoare Auctions Inc. you are selling directly to many collectors and dealers who compete to buy your material at higher prices, instead of just one. We the auctioneers, act as your agent or broker, arranging and offering your items to more prospective buyers than you alone could reach. Our catalogues go all around the world and include many of the top collectors and dealers. Dealers are attracted to the auction because of the quality and quantity of items available. Dealers will ensure that your collection reaches a fair price level, as they will buy almost anything that is reasonably priced. Collectors pay competitive prices for items they need, while dealers, often bidding for their own clients, vie with collectors for rare items. Since most numismatic and militaria items are internationally collected, we, as an established auction house, with an extensive mailing list, will best sell your collection. The highest bidders may well be in Africa, Europe, the Far East or as far away as Australia, thanks to our catalogue that reaches buyers all around the world. Presentation and promotion are important to the success of any auction. We use hundreds of photographs and provide detailed descriptions, producing the best quality catalogue in Canada. Our catalogues are used by many others as a reference guide. Sales are held in large cities where the greatest number of bidders can attend and lots are on view well in advance of each auction.

We are also available on a consultant basis for estate or collection appraisals.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us or call Wendy Hoare [519-473-7491] and we will be happy to talk to you about your collection.

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