Film and TV Series Wardrobe Auction

Thursday March 8th 2018 - 12:00 pm
Monday March 12th 2018 - to 7:00 pm

Live Online Auction

Film and TV Series Wardrobe Auction

Auction Closes Tuesday, March 17th at 7PM EST!


Things You Need To Know About This Auction!

1. Click on the auction information tab to find out where this Auction is being held from, when the preview is and when pick up dates are.

2. Pick ups are not flexible. if you can’t pick up during the posted times , you should not bid. You will be charged storage and handling fees for late pick ups.

3. Often bidding happens in the closing minutes so if you can, try to be on and watch the auction close. No streaming technology is perfect so it is always a good practice to refresh your screen one and a while during the closing minutes. If you are not in the live catalog (You see the seconds counting down in the live catalog) …you MUST refresh your screen or you will not have up to date information.

4. In the event of a tie bid (2 bidders enter the same amount, it is always awarded to the first person who entered it.) So you enter a bid of $100 and the current high bid is now $100 but it says you are Outbid. That means someone else entered a $100 bid before you and the system recognizes them as the high bidder since they entered the bid first.

5. Our online auctions use a soft close that prevents auction sniping as it more accurately reflects the true auction process. In a real auction the bidding is over when the bidding stops and that is what the soft close does. If an item is scheduled to end at 8:15, if a bid comes in in the last 2 minutes, that item will be extended by 2 minutes to a 8:17 close time, this gives others time to react and enter another bid if they so desire. This continues until there is no bids in the last 2 minutes which signifies that all the bidders are done and the auction ends. In a live auction this is similar to the going once twice, fair notice…Sold!

6.MAY HAVE WON! ….At the end of the auction , if you log into your account you will either see “May have Won” WHICH MEANS YOU WON….or “Outbid” which means you lost . This is just how the system works but know that “May have Won” means you Won……PERIOD! 7. We send out email notifications and invoices the day after the auction. Email is incredibly unreliable and emails with attachments get blocked, flagged, directed to junk folders and many other things all the time. It is your responsibility to check your account to see if you won and attend during the pick up times as posted in the auction details (With ID). We have no way of knowing whether you received our emails or not and the rarely come back undeliverable. Hotmail, Live, and Sympatico are notoriously brutal for blocking emails. Stating you did not receive an email will not exempt you from late fees so please check your account.

8.When you are logged in, at the top of the top of the page by the 403 AUCTION you will see coloured buttons with numbers in them…this is a snap shot of your bidding. Green is how many auctions you are winning, Red is how many you have been outbid on an Blue is how many you are watching. By clicking on any of those buttons you can see which items your winning, losing or watching and even bid from those screens. Keep in mind those screens are not live feeds so you need to refresh them every minute or so as an Auction is closing to have up to date info in the closing seconds of an Auction.

9. Certificates with jewelry are for information purposes regarding the details of the items such as gold content, type of gemstone, size etc. Values shown are either MSRPs or insurance values which are considerably higher than market values. Buyers should shop around and do their due diligence regarding current market value of any item.