Live Automobile Auctions

Saturday April 14th 2018 - 9:30 am
Saturday April 14th 2018 - to 4:00 pm
5100 Fountain St. N.
Breslau, Ontario N0B 1M0

Live Auctions

Car And Truck Live Auction Sale

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Saturday, April 14th at 9:30 AM!

Viewing From Friday, April 13th

Auction Details:

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April Car & Truck Auction
Sale Date: Saturday April 14, 2018
Sale Location: 5100 Fountain St N., Breslau

Monthly Car & Truck Auction including Police & Municipal Pickups, Cars, 4×4’s, Diesel Vans & Dumps , Golf Carts & Travel Trailers

Welcome to M.R. Jutzi Auctions, a leader in the public auction industry specializing in the sale of vehicles, heavy machinery, and equipment. With over 50 years experience in the field, M.R. Jutzi has developed a formula for effectively liquidating quality surplus equipment for municipalities and other major businesses with our no buyer’s premium format. Whether buying or selling, come see us for impeccable service in the public auction arena.

Vehicles Included: EZGO – Elec Golf Cart
2013 Ford Taurus Interceptor AWD – 78,000 km
2010 Dodge Charger Police – 143,000 km
2012 Ford Expedition 4×4 – 149,000 km
2014 Charger Hemi-AWD Enforcer -188,000 km
2008 Ford Escape XLT – 80,000 km
2006 Chev 2500HD Diesel 4×4 Pickup
2007 Chrysler 300 Touring 4dr – 94,000 km
2008 Chev 3500HD Diesel Dump – 94,000 km
2009 Ford F150XL Pickup – 165,000 km
2009 Ford F150XLT Pickup – 43,000 km
2009 Ford F150XLT Pickup – 46,000 km
2013 Ford Explorer Interceptor – 213,000 km

2009 Dodge Sprinter 2500 Diesel -164,000 km
2008 Dodge Sprinter 2500 Diesel -161,000 km
2008 Dodge Sprinter 2500 Diesel -177,000 km

2007 Dakota 21FQ Travel Trailer
2009 Flagstaff 831 FKBSS Travel Trailer
2008 Kodiak 25QS Ext Travel Trailer

How To Buy At Auction


Once arriving at the auction on viewing or sale day, the first thing to do is register and get a bid card which will have a buyer’s number on it. That buyer’s number is your number for the day. There is no charge to do so (just a valid drivers license), but it is required to participate in the auction. Once becoming the successful bidder on an item, the purchase price and your buyer’s number is recorded and all purchases are itemized on your invoice at check out.

The Catalogue

When you register and get your buyer’s number, you will receive a catalogue. The catalogue is the order in which items are expected to be sold as well as a brief description of the items and lot number. In the case of vehicles: year, make, model, kilometers, and any declarations are shown such as: safety certification or emissions pass etc. Please keep in mind that the catalogue is meant only as a guide and although we strive to make it as accurate as possible, you must satisfy yourself as to the completeness of the information. This is also available on our website a day or two before the auction.

Auction Viewing

Before the auction, it is a good idea to preview all the items up for bids. For Saturday auctions we are open from 1pm until 4:30pm the day before the auction (closing time may vary, weather depending) and as well at 8:30am on sale day. Viewing times for mid-week sales vary depending on sale time. Check the flyer for further information, or contact us. Be sure to inspect all items to your own satisfaction as all sales are as is, where is and all sales are final. In order to find out how much an item is worth, you should take the time to do a little research on similar or identical items.

The Auto Trader website is ideal to see what similar vehicles are being sold for as well as local news papers and websites such as Kijiji. Be sure to look at vehicles with comparable year, kilometers, features and editions (i.e. LS, LX, SLT, GT etc.)

Auction Sale Day

So you’ve viewed your catalogue, looked at the articles to be sold, made your notes and got your buyer’s number. You’ve done your homework and the big day has finally arrived. Be sure to be there on time as there may be some additional information that the auctioneer will announce. (i.e. terms, door prizes etc, for the day).

Here at M.R. Jutzi Auctions, we are a public auction company so our auctioneers are specifically trained to auction clearly enough so that everyone in attendance knows where the bidding is at. If you have any questions about that, don’t hesitate to ask one of the ring men (they are the ones in blue jackets and ties) and they will be happy to help. Once you are ready to bid, simply raise your buyer’s number towards the ring man or the auctioneer and they will be sure to catch your bid. Once you become the successful bidder simply hold up your buyer’s number so the clerk can record it. It is also a good idea to write your purchase on the back of your bid card. In the case of vehicles, the ring man will escort you to the clerk where they will verify your buyers number and take your non-refundable deposit.

Auction Terms

Although we try not to complicate the public sale with too much auction jargon, it is important to know a few basic terms to help you get the full experience out of the day.

Ring Man: A ring man is an extension of the auctioneer. It is his/her job to find bids in the crowd and relay them to the auctioneer. The ring men are also trained auctioneers and can answer any questions you may have.

Clerk: The clerk is the person who records all the sale prices and buyer’s numbers during the auction and relays them to the front office where final invoices are created. In the case of vehicle auctions, the clerk will also take your non-refundable deposit and give you your deposit receipt.

Buyer’s Premium: A buyer’s premium is a percentage added on top of the bid price (usually 10-20%) but can sometimes be a flat fee (as high as $500 per item) that goes directly into the auctioneer’s pocket. At M.R. Jutzi Auctions we do NOT charge a buyer’s premium.What you bid is what you pay. On vehicles or any unit requiring a government transfer, there is a nominal set-transfer fee which is not related to the value of the item. As of January 2016 the fee is $90 per vehicle or unit needing a government transfer.

Removing Your Items

Once the auction is over and you would like to collect and remove your merchandise: simply go to the cashiers office and give them your buyer’s number. They will then go over your purchases with you and give you an itemized receipt. Make sure when you’re collecting your items that the number on your receipt matches the number on items tag. We will check off your items to ensure you haven’t missed anything and you have all the correct numbers.

Vehicle Removal

Towing or using a dealer plate are the only legal ways to remove the vehicle until it is in your name and plated. In the province of Ontario the vehicle will be registered unfit until you present Service Ontario with a valid safety certificate, emissions pass and proof of insurance. At that point Service Ontario will issue you a license plate (if you are not transferring plates) and a sticker. Attach the plates to your vehicle and happy driving!

Remember since we are a registered dealer we remit the tax to the government on the price you pay here. The ministry cannot then charge you tax on the Red Book price. Yet another reason to buy your next previously owned vehicle here at M.R. Jutzi Auctions.

5100 Fountain St. N.
Breslau, Ontario N0B 1M0