Auctions Ontario: Auction Listings Ontario – Learn About How We Are Changing How Auction Listings are Shown in Ontario

Auctions have been happening in Ontario for hundreds of years. Throughout our history, Ontario auctioneers have held auctions for livestock, estate sales, fundraising auctions for charity, and specialty auctions for specific items. In the past, auctioneers would send flyers, postcards and purchase advertising space in local newspapers and trade publications to show listings, but technology has changed the way Ontario auction listings are distributed to the general public.

Technology has completely revolutionized how auction listings are found in Ontario. Searching for a wide range of items on the auction block is now easier than ever before with Internet and mobile technology. These advances have created many advantages for both buyers and auctioneers throughout Ontario. There are various online auction listing sites in Ontario, each with a diverse selection of items for sale.

For many years, auctioneers in Ontario were limited in how they could distribute auction listings to bidders in Ontario. Today, auction listings can be published effortlessly and people throughout Ontario can view items and even bid online with a very quick turn around time. Bidders have access to high-resolution photos, detailed descriptions, video, and various other important information instantly. As a company of auctioneers with over 30 years of experience in the live auction business, we couldn’t be more excited about how technology has changed the way Ontario auction listings are read. Today’s bidder is in the driver’s seat throughout the entire bidding process, they can now navigate through listings with little effort and find the information that’s relevant to them. Mobile devices have taken this experience to the next level with bidders having the ability to instantly view listings from their mobile devices and filter the listings to only display the items they are interested in seeing.

E-commerce is another exciting innovation in the auction space that is causing a shift in how people view listings in Ontario and bid. Many auctions offer an online bidding process that eliminates the need to attend a live auction in a brick and mortar location. We were one of the early adopters of this technology in Ontario and we’ve had a front row seat to view its impact. The Internet has opened the door for people to view listings and buy items from anywhere in Ontario with only a couple of clicks of a mouse or taps of a thumb. This is an exciting time for collectors, allowing them to quickly build their collections by attending auctions that would have required travel only a few short years ago. The increased level of accessibility to Ontario auction listings provides excellent cost savings for buyers with more inventory to select from and fewer travel costs.

We knew early on that there will always be a need and want for the traditional live auction with a trained and experienced auctioneer at the helm, but we realized that technology is an essential addition to the process. Our goal with the was to create an innovative auctioneer hub, centralizing auction listings throughout Ontario. Auctioneers, auctions, antique shows, charity auctions and stores can now show their listings online to bidders throughout Ontario and beyond for an affordable price and with easy-to-use technology.

Our goal is to have a platform for auctioneers that allow their listings to be viewed by bidders across the province and country. We’ve earned a reputation for having some of the best auctions in the province on a regular basis. Your auction will be accessed by some of the most engaged buyers in the province. Our website is built with the auctioneer in mind, our online auction platform is designed to provide an easy-to-use way to post your listings online. We realize that not every auctioneer is tech-savvy, that’s why is built to be an easy to manage solution. All our users have accounts and will have the ability to quickly bid and make secure online payment on all the items listed in your auction. We manage the process from start to finish, providing a turnkey way to increase your sales and grow your audience at the same time.

The was designed to provide Ontario enthusiasts with an interesting and engaging way to view and participate in auctions throughout Ontario. Your computer or mobile device can instantly access a wide range of auctions with a diverse collection of items on the auction block. Every auction attendee is unique, each with their own tastes, budget, and wants. Only see the listings that you’re interested in you can decide what items you want to view and bid on. You don’t need to worry about false information, everything you see on our website will arrive at your door the way expect it to, there are no hidden surprises. Our auctions are meant to be fun, we’ve worked hard to bring the buzz and energy of a live auction event to our online platform, that’s one of the major advantages of having a live auction online.

The process begins by creating an account. The registration is quick and convenient and once complete you will have the ability to bid on any of the listings featured on You will also receive ongoing correspondence that will keep in the loop of the various auctions happening on the site, along with upcoming shows.

Regardless if you are a bidder looking to view more auction listings from across Ontario, or an auctioneer wanting to expand your audience and sales; we are excited to help. We are a family of auctioneers and we love doing what we do, it runs in our blood. Our goal is to bring our years of experience and formal auction training to the Internet with, delivering a unique auction experience for both buyers and sellers. Join our community now by listing your items or by signing up for an account to buy at our auctions.

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