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Auctioneer’s New Online Auction Hub – Join Our Community of Auctioneers and Expand Your Audience

The world of auctions has seen a lot of change in recent years with the advancement of the Internet and mobile technology. Auctions have moved from live venues to being accessible anywhere in the world at any time. At the Auction Network, we are excited to announce our latest online auction solution – our auction portal.

Our goal at Auctioneer has always been to utilize the latest online auction technology to make auctions accessible, convenient and enjoyable for both sellers and buyers. This philosophy is the foundation of our new auction portal. We’ve created an online auction hub, this online portal provides a place for auctioneers, auctions, antique shows and stores to showcase their items to an engaged audience. Our site uses the latest e-commerce technology to provide buyers with a convenient and secure platform to purchase items in an auction format. Really, our goal was to create a turnkey solution for vendors to easily upload, showcase and market their inventory.

Our auction portal has been designed to deliver an authentic auction experience to buyers throughout the country. We use the latest in online streaming technology to combine the excitement from a live auction event with the ease of an online auction. This creates a very enjoyable experience for buyers. Live auctions can be simulcast on the Auctioneer website allowing people to bid for the items they are interested in owning the same time on the auction floor. Everything we do is browser-based, meaning that you will not need any additional software to access auction events from your computer or mobile device. We do have a mobile application to make the mobile auction experience more convenient by offering easy access to auctions and inventory. Push notifications add an additional level of excitement and make it easier for buyers to monitor bidding activity.

The process for sellers begins by creating an online account. With a few steps, you’ll have access to our auction hub’s easy to use back-end to start managing your next online auction event. You’ll be in control of all details including pictures, descriptions, bidding rules and pricing. We’re a company founded and managed by a family of auctioneers, we’ve used this experience to build an online auction tool that suits the unique needs of our fellow auctioneers. Our goal is to capture the engagement and excitement of a live auction event with today’s most innovative technology. Mobile auctions continue to grow in popularity and our auction application was designed to capture this market with downloads for both Apple and Android devices.

All of our hosted online auction events are accessible via our new auction website. This allows your event to be featured alongside many other events. We’ve found that buyers visiting our website will attend multiple auctions, this can provide an instant increase in new attendees to your online auction event. Our website is quickly establishing itself as a go-to destination for Canadian professional auctioneers and auction buyers. Every week we are listing and auctioning thousands of items via our auction platform, all appealing to a wide range of tastes and interests.

We’re really excited about our new online auction portal and we’d love for you to share the experience with us. Tap into our network of thousands of Canadian auction buyers. Let us help make your next auction event successful by signing up for an Auctioneer account. Learn more about our auction solutions by contacting us at

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